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Kolkata FF, traditional lottery game played in West Bengal since 1970 and also called as satta matka before 2018 in kolkata city. After renaming it to kolkata fatafat in short kolkata FF, the game has gain sudden increase in number of player in particular west bengal state.

First lets understand how Kolkata FF is been played? and where to play Kolkata Fatafat?

Kolkata Fatafat is basically a lottery where player has to select any number ranging between 0 to 9 and if outcome of lottery also called as kolkata ff result, and if this kolkata fatafat result is same as what the player has selected before then the person win 9 times of his bet amount.
In this game per day, total 8 times draw is happened and each round is called as Bazi.

In order to play kolkata ff fatafat player can visit nearby lottery counter or bookie place to place the bet and collect the winning amount if any.
In Calcutta city every colony is having approx 9-10 bookmaker place as per recent research done by officials.

Kolkata FF Tips and Fatafat Tips are the best winning number prediction given by experts of lottery and it increases the winning probability of player to win the game.
This kolkata fatafat tips 2 are also popular as kolkata ff tips sm, fotafot tips and ghosh babu tips.

The main objective of our website KolkataFF Mobi is to provide Fast and accurate Kolkata Fatafat Live Results to west bengal people’s. There are many other websites that claim to provide kolkata fatafat result but in actual they provide false result and information about FF Kolkata. To overcome this Kolkata FF game store of kolkata come up with live Fatafat Result website that you can follow to check today live dada original Kolkata FF Results and Ghosh Babu Tips.

The Kolkata FF Live Results are available on our homepage so you can check by scrolling to Live Fatafat Result section and check latest Kolkata fatafat result.

To get kolkata Fatafat Ghosh Babu Tips you need to follow few steps mentioned bellow :

  1. Open Google chrome on your device.
  2. Search KolkataFF.Mobi
  3. Scroll down below Live Result section.
  4. Click on Ghosh Babu Tips button.
  5. Hurray! you are navigated to Ghosh Babu Tips page.

There are some lottery rules that you need to understand if you want to play through kolkata fatafat online play application or website or even through offline bookmakers.

The rules are as follow :-

  1. You can bet on upto 5 numbers between 0 to 9.
  2. Bet can only be submitted before 30 min of kolkataFF results time.
  3. Rate for single/ghor is 10rs and for patti, rate is 100rs.
  4. Dont share your game with others.
  5. Do not pay any booking charges to bookmakers only pay the bidding amount.

yes, kolkata photo fort is another term that people of kolkata use to search  Kolkata Fatafat result by google voice search and due to there language tone google voice search recognize it as Kolkata Photo Fort.

Fatafat satta lottery result are the outcome of lottery game which means the number comes when the drawn is done is known as Kolkata Fatafat result and Result of game are declared through online and offline modes. online results we discussed before now we will learn how to check kolkataff result offline through bookmaker.

Bookmakers are also called as bookie who are the person who accepts the bidding from players and forward it to the fatafat lottery owner Mr. Raja Thakur. Then if any person win the game, Bookie take money from owner and give it to lottery winner and in between he also gets commision for this.

Patti or Panel is combination of 3 digits ranging from 1.2.3…0 arranged in ascending order and 0 always comes at last position. let us take an example and understand patti chart of Fatafat.

suppose patti number is 348 or 140 on adding 3+4+8 will be 5 and 1+4+0 is also formed 5 so this is how patti is being calculated in kolkataFF. 

1st10:30 am
2nd12:00 pm
3rd01:30 pm
4th03:00 pm
5th04:30 pm
6th06:00 pm
7th07:30 pm
8th09:00 pm

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Hope you Aways Win!